Why Choose Us

We provide our customers with the best logistical services. Thet don't have to worry about environmental issues, protective measures, warehousing constraints, and escrow issues. We value customer relationships and aim to simplify global product distribution and transportation standards.

We excel in prompt customs clearance, safe storage and quick product distribution for all our customers.
Newcorp provides efficient sea, air, and road transportation services focusing on attractive freight rates, prompt deliveries and unrivaled security.

Our distribution services are efficient and include exhaustive cargo inspections and easy to follow worldwide deliveries.
Our customers can rely on secure, reliable and swift financial transactions with our Escrow services. Beneficial for sellers and buyers.

Our Mission

Our mission is the provision of high-quality and personal logistic services.

Friendly and good service, protection of our environment and respect for all cultures are among our most cherished values.

  • Reliability across diverse sectors
  • Unmatched customer satisfaction
  • Transparent logistics solutions
  • Secured financial proceedings
  • Detailed and error-free paperwork

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Our Services

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